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Giving to Adelphi

Our Benefactors


A special thanks to our inspiring benefactors.

The extraordinary generosity of our benefactors provided Adelphi with vital momentum as the University embarked on its first-ever comprehensive campaign. The President and the members of the Board of Trustees remain grateful to each and every supporter of the campaign, and extend special thanks to the following benefactors to the Campaign for Adelphi.

  • Million Dollar Round Table Benefactors ($1,000,000 and above)

    • Carol A. Ammon M.B.A. ’79, ’10 (Hon.)
      Katherine M. Grover and Michael J. Campbell ’65
      Betty L. Forest ’47, ’10 (Hon.)
      Amy ’05 (Hon.) and Horace Hagedorn ’01 (Hon.)
      Angela M. ’62, M.A. ’65 and Scott Jaggar
      Adele Klapper ’92, M.A. ’99
      Katherine H. Littlefield
      Erna M.A. ’65 and Thomas Dixon Lovely ’54, ’04 (Hon.)
      Brian D. McAuley ’61, ’06 (Hon.)
      Eileen R. and Horace G. McDonell, Jr.’52, ’02 (Hon.)
      Christine B. and Thomas F. Motamed ’71
      Leon M. Pollack ’63
      Robert B. Willumstad ’05 (Hon.)
      Estate of Frank J. Gangel in memory of Ruth Woodroffe Gangel ’47
      One member wishes to remain anonymous.
  • Visionary Benefactors ($500,000 – $999,999)

    • Anthony J. Bonomo
      Richard K. Garner
      James Hagedorn
      Georgiana R. Baker ’69 and William J. Irwin
      Lilo and Gerard Leeds ’62, ’00 (Hon.)
      Leonard Riggio ’12 (Hon.)
      Barnes and Noble College Bookstores, Inc.
      Kresge Foundation
      Estate of Ruth S. Harley ’24, ’50 (Hon.)
      Estate of Estelle and Leon Swirbul
      Estate of Grace H. Volk ’36
  • Principal Benefactors ($250,000 – $499,999)

    • Diane L. Abbey ’59
      Z. Paul Akian ’64
      Margaret Olstad Cleary ’66
      Robert W. Gary ’61
      Alexander H. Levi M.A. ’73, Ph.D. ’75
      Joyce and John J. Phelan, Jr. ’70, ’87 (Hon.)
      Marjorie Weinberg-Berman, M.S. ‘61 and Paul Berman
      The Damon G. Douglas Co.
      JP Morgan Chase Foundation
      The Riley Family Foundation
      Estate of Helen M. MacDonough ’33
      Estate of Bertha J. Prerau ’27
  • Leadership Benefactors ($100,000 – $249,000)

    • Judith Ammerman, M.A. ’64, M.S. ’73
      Phyllis and Frank Angello ’77
      Tina and Jeffrey Bolton ’61
      Marilyn ’01 and Timothy P. Burton
      Robert B. Catell ’99 (Hon.)
      Sally-Ann Cohen ’55
      Elizabeth and Thomas J. Donohue, M.B.A. ’65, ’98 (Hon.)
      Melissa and Michael J. Driscoll, M.B.A. ’90
      Carol, M.A. ’76 and John P. Finnerty, M.S. ’77
      Lucia and Steven N. Fischer
      Beverly J. Fraser ’66, M.B.A. ’74
      Jeffrey R. Greene
      Joanne and Frank Gumper
      Fran and John J. Gutleber ‘68, M.B.A. ’70, and Family
      Noreen Harrington ’81
      Robert G. Hartmann ’54
      Mildred D. Loughlin ’49 and Albert J. Kahane, M.D.
      Michael L. Lazarus ’67
      Jo-Ann and Ronald B. Lee ’67
      Ruth Bronfman Marcus ’64
      Kenneth A. McClane
      Teri Lavin and Joel Pesapane ’66
      Grace C. Pilcer M.A. ’79, Ph.D. ’84
      Jean Marie ’98 and Albert L. Salvatico
      Penny and Chris Saridakis ’90
      Joseph P. Schmelzeis ’55
      Grace ’67 and Walter Schulz ’66, M.B.A. ’68
      Robert A. Scott and Carole Artigiani
      Patrick Smalley ’86
      Helene R. Sullivan ’79 and Jeffrey DeMond
      Lionel P. Viret ’95
      Angela and Barry T. Zeman
      Allstate Insurance Company
      Bethpage Federal Credit Union
      ELS Educational Services, Inc.
      Endo Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
      Garden City Hotel
      Intelli-Tec Security Services, LLC
      Lackmann Food Service
      Long Island Panhellenic
      The New York Psychoanalytic Society & Institute
      The Allstate Foundation
      The Bank of America Foundation
      Simon and Eve Colin Foundation
      New York Community Bank Foundation
      Louis and Rachel Rudin Foundation
      Estate of Elizabeth Gavin ’76
      Estate of Martha F. and Wallace Girling
      Estate of Sylvia Sanger
      Estate of Adelaide Tubbs ’48
  • Cornerstone Benefactors ($50,000 – $99,999)

    • Robert Arcoro
      Richard Arnott ’52, M.B.A. ’70
      John C. Bierwirth
      Judith Sue ’57, ’07 (Hon.) and William Borten ’57, ’07 (Hon.)
      Gladys Clemmensen
      Doris Spolander Edwards ’36
      Donna and Ronald Feingold
      Olivia R., M.B.A. ’71 and Douglas C. Floren
      Joseph A. Gregori ’77
      Jacqueline Rose Hott GC ’88
      Gayle D. and Harris Insler, M.S. ’80
      Laurence Kessler ’65
      Carol G. Lindemann, Ph.D. ’70
      JoAnne and Gerald F. Mahoney ’65
      Ann M. Mallouk, M.S.W. ’80
      Eileen C. McDonnell, M.B.A. ’87
      Robert R. McMillan ’57
      Carolyn, M.S.W. ’93 and Sung Moon
      Peter Negri
      Silvia Ortiz Gosnell, M.A. ’01, Ph.D. ’05
      Geoffrey D. Palmer ’61
      Peter A. Principato ’87
      Mary C. Johansen, MFA ’09 and Angelo B. Proto, M.B.A. ’70
      Paul S. Quentzel ’67
      Shahram K. Rabbani ’74
      Linda Waxman ‘69, M.S.W. ‘89 and Gary D. Rosenberg, M.S.W. ’63
      Ann Briscoe Slater ’42
      Robert C. Tricaro ’59, M.A. ’61, M.S. ’66
      Nancy Crown, M.A. ’89, Ph.D. ’95 and Samuel Weisman M.A. ’90, Ph.D. ’97
      Barbara M. Weisz ’66
      Albanese Organization, Inc.
      American International Group
      Botto Mechanical Corporation
      Com Bell Systems, Inc.
      Commerce Bank/TD Bank
      Dorothea Deitz Memorial Fund
      Estee Lauder
      Fifth Avenue of Long Island Realty Associates
      InfoHighway Communications Corporation
      JC & F Services Inc.
      Newsday Media Group
      Superior Mechanical Corp.
      Citigroup Foundation
      Robert & Patricia Switzer Foundation
      Estate of Donald Everett Axinn
      Estate of William M. Ford
      Estate of Milton Belford
      Estate of Grace Miller
      Estate of Bella Jurow Ross ’38
      Estate of Dorothy Torpey ’40
  • Major Benefactors ($25,000 – $49,999)

    • Allen Adleberg ’69
      Lucy and Arun K. Agrawal
      Lester Baltimore
      Lois Betts ’62
      Frank Bivona ’77
      Christina and John R. Bransfield M.S. ’80
      Vivian and Richard C. Cahn
      William E. Faraday M.S. ’78
      Eileen Barry Flood ’49
      Camille ’80 and William Fuessler ’79
      Leonard J. Garigliano ’57
      Lori Duggan Gold M.S. ’12 and David J. Gold
      Palmina R. Grella M.B.A. ’73
      Janet ’68 and Richard Guy ’68
      Katherine Heaviside
      Osbert M. Hood ’86
      Marilyn Kerr
      Mary Klement ’71, M.S. ’73
      Lindsey B. Kupferman M.A. ‘02, Ph.D. ‘06
      Joan A. Kuster ’51
      Andrew and Matthew Lackmann
      Moira M.S.W. ’05 and Thomas Mastro M.B.A. ’75
      Joseph J. Parnicky Ph.D. ’54
      Karol ’66 and Pablo Pick ’65
      Eric N. Piper ’56
      David J. Prottas
      John B. Russell ’51 and Eugene Balazs ’53 in honor of the Santini Boys
      Mike Raphael ’58
      Judith A. Salerno ’66
      Barbara A. Sawitsky ’75, M.B.A. ’78
      Kevin M. Sheehan
      Esther ’69, M.S. ’72 and Joseph Siegel
      Roxanne Blumberg Spitzer ’59
      Theodore Spyropoulos
      Eugene Steger ’76
      Lee Steinberg
      William J. Tenet ’75
      Beth H. Tenser ’91
      Kathleen and John T. Ullman
      Cindy ’96, M.A. ’00 and Christian P. Vaupel ’96, M.S. ’03
      Marie-Louise Pesselier Vasquez
      Philip S. Winterer
      Eustace S. Zevas
      Bee Ready Fishbein Hatter & Donovan, LLP
      Cannon Design
      Farrell Fritz, P.C.
      F & F Roofing Co.
      Financial Guaranty Insurance Company
      Flushing Savings Bank
      Flynn Zito Capital Management, LLC
      Frank Crystal & Company, Inc.
      Keyspan Energy
      Keyspan Foundation
      The Landtek Group, Inc.
      Marsh USA, Inc.
      Optimum Lightpath, Inc.
      Pepsi Meadowbrook Distributing Corp.
      PricewaterhouseCoopers, LLP
      Prudential Douglas Elliman
      Rothschild Asset Management
      Spellman Rice Schure Gibbons
      McDonough and Polizzi, LLP
      Superior Sewing Machine & Supply LLC
      Town of Hempstead Industrial Development Agency
      Waldner’s Business Environments, Inc.
      The Leonard Friedland Charitable Foundation
      The Christopher D. Smithers Foundation, Inc.
      The Family and Friends of Patricia Keane DeGeorge ’98
      The Family and Friends of Bernadette Gordon M.A. ’04
      Estate of Norma M.A. ’52 and Mario Albertini
      Estate of Marie Anna Diedrich ’52
      Estate of Frank Huber
      Estate of Louis R. Ormontt